Children and Parenting Arrangements

Separating from your spouse or partner can be a stressful experience – and even more so when you are also considering the best interests of your children.

Even following separation, your children have a right to a meaningful relationship with both parents. We provide you with feedback on how to maximise and grow a positive relationship. Children also have a right to be protected, and if required, we can provide you with advice as to how best to protect your children.

Our advice is pragmatic and proactive to ensure you have a full understanding of your family’s situation and the process moving forward.

Finding arrangements for the best interests of your children

We can help to ensure that you or your spouse see your children on a regular basis. This includes regular week and weekend time, school holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, school holidays and birthdays.

Every family has its own dynamic – and we understand your children’s developmental needs may be unique. During these arrangements, we work with you to consider routines and extra-curricular activities, ages of your children, and emotional attachment to their primary carer. This also includes access to additional things like medical appointments, school reports and passports.

Finding a resolution

We believe that parents should try to make the on-going decisions, and not the court. Whether it is through negotiation with your partner’s lawyer or a round table mediation, we do encourage both parties to find an amicable decision without going to court.

If your matter does need to proceed to court, we can assist with drafting the required documents as well as providing strong and effective advocacy at court.

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