What can a family lawyer do for me?

Family law is the legal specialty that focuses on matters involving family relationships including children/parenting arrangements, divorce and division of property.

At Trapski Family Law, we try to make the process as smooth as possible by providing pragmatic advice so you are clear as to the options available to you.

Family law matters are often inter-connected, and we can provide assistance and support to reach not just a positive outcome for one matter, but one that encompasses your family’s situation and dynamic as a whole.

Children and Parenting Arrangements

Separating from your spouse or partner has an impact on your children. We understand that every family is different and has its own dynamic, and finding a suitable arrangement for both parties so that your children can maintain an on-going and meaningful relationship with both parents is our priority. At all times we will be focused on the children’s best interests when discussing possible future arrangements with you.

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Division of Property

If you have separated from your partner finding a resolution to the division of your property can become complex and stressful. We can help with your division of property, be that a small or large asset pool, or from a short or long term relationship.

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Divorce is the legal process to legally dissolve your marriage, and an application to the court can be made after at least 12 months of separation. It is important to remember that while divorce may end the marriage, it does not change the legal status of other family matters – and we can help you with these issues too. You do not have to wait until you are divorced to divide the property with your former partner.

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Intervention Orders

Whether you are the applicant or the respondent, we can provide assistance with matters relating to your intervention order if we are also assisting you with family law matters.

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