Intervention Orders

We have extensive experience at dealing with intervention orders, either as an applicant or a respondent, where we are already assisting you with family law matters.

Our lawyers can assist at every step of the process, including advocacy in court if required, whether you are the applicant or respondent. Generally a barrister will be briefed to appear on your behalf at court.

Your order may prevent you from contacting or spending time with your children. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure you understand what is permitted by the order, and what is not.

Who is the applicant?

The applicant is the person who is applying for the order against the other party.

We can provide you with referrals additional support services for yourself and affected family members.

If you are in immediate harm, call 000.

When could I consider applying for an intervention order?

You should consider applying for an intervention order when:

  • There has been an act of family violence
  • Emotional, psychological or financial abuse
  • Your children have witnessed any form of assault or violence
  • Any form of assault or violence against you, your children, your pets

This list is not exhaustive. The definition of family violence is quite extensive.

What does an intervention order mean?

An intervention order is a legal order that prevents someone from doing things or acting in a certain way as set out in the order.

If the order is breached, the offence can become a criminal matter. In this instance, the offending party can be arrested and charged.

I’m being assaulted, what do I do?

If you are in immediate harm, call 000 for urgent assistance.

You can attend your local Magistrates’ Court and apply for an intervention order. If the matter is deemed to be serious, you may have a temporary interim order issued by the Magistrate, or you may need to come back at a later date.

Contact us on 03 8001 7070 for further assistance.

Who is the respondent?

The respondent is the person who the intervention order has been placed against.

We can provide assistance in court as required, and also referrals to help in dealing with the order to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

I have had an intervention order made against me – what do I do next?

Contact us on 03 8001 7070 for additional assistance.

We can work with you to understand what your intervention order means for you and your family situation, and provide legal assistance where required.

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